As COVID-19 concerns grow; Central Indiana senior centers come up with ways to feed clients


Every day new details surrounding COVID-19 are coming out.

We do know older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease are at a higher risk of becoming very ill.

Senior Service centers are trying to deal with the ever-changing information about COVID-19 to prevent folks from getting it.

Hendricks County Senior Services has closed off their building to seniors until April 6th, but they’re still providing aid but doing so safely. The center has suspended their group events like group breakfast and lunches.

“We’re not going to be doing that anymore. We are actually going to be providing a frozen meal through CICOA so that people can heat that up at home,” Hendricks County Senior Services Executive Director Marina Keers said.

Marina Keers believes delivering the meals cuts down on the chances of someone catching the virus. Keers doesn’t want any of her clients to get it.

“We do have volunteers who have committed to delivering meals and it may not be a hot meal like we have had in the past, but it could be supplies from our food pantry,” Keers said.

They also have a drive-thru system set up for their pantry and are sanitizing their buses.

“We have been encouraged to schedule rides so that there may only be one or two people sharing a van at the same time just to avoid some of that contact,” Keers said.

Keer’s biggest worry is how long this national emergency may last?

“What do we do if this continues for long term because it’s one thing if you say to someone could you commit to having a frozen meal at home for 10 days, 15 days. It’s different if you’re asking someone to be isolated for 30 days,” Keers said.

For now, the donations are coming and the volunteers are stepping up to keep seniors safe.

“People do get creative when they need help and I hope they reach out to us or to other senior serving organizations if they don’t live in this community, so they get the help they need,” Keers said.

Keers along with first responders like the Carmel Fire and Police Department are encouraging people to check on their senior neighbors.

If you need help or want to volunteer with Hendricks County Senior Services call (317) 745-4303. Keers said almost every county in Central Indiana has a senior service center.

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