Arts teach all subjects at unique Indy school

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What if your child told you their day at school was truly fun? Some of "Indiana’s Very Own" say every day is fun. Those students attend Edison School of the Arts.

Laila Adams is just 13-years-old, and she's already tried almost everything.

"So this year I’m in band and orchestra. In previous years, I’ve been in film, theater, dance. I do a lot," Laila said.

Edison School of the Arts provides plenty of chances to explore—from orchestra and band to visual arts like ceramics and painting to theater, film, and dance.

Indy’s one-of-a-kind school helps 600 kids like Laila learn the way they learn best.

"I prefer to learn when I’m doing things instead of just sitting because I can’t sit still and just be okay with it. I have to be moving around," said Laila.

Children from kindergarten to eighth grade get their core subjects like math, history and science through art.

First grade teacher Beth Pohl said, "They understand a word in a different way if they’re acting it out or they’re feeling it or they’re expressing it, and it just really helps them hold that knowledge."

Even the stage plays a part weaving in broader lessons.

Eighth grader Bethlehem Zerom said, "So she would like give us like a cell or something, and we would have to like show it with our bodies and demonstrate it."

"Arts has a way of really getting to a deeper level," said Pohl.

"I think we’ll see kids sure, on the stage, but we’ll also see kids in leadership roles who are confident they express themselves."

The possibilities in these classrooms are endless.

"It’s like a class where they make fairy gardens or things like that. Yeah, I want to try that," said Laila.

And the future knows no bounds.

"Hopefully on camera, on stage somewhere performing. I enjoy performing," Laila said with a smile.

Most other arts schools block off certain time for the arts, but Edison students engage in the arts all day, and there are tons of arts options like comic book writing, puppetry, even jump rope.

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