Are you washing your hands right? How different methods work


You’ve heard it before, the CDC recommends you lather for 20 seconds and then rinse with hot water.

But researchers at Michigan State found that 95 percent of Americans are not washing properly. And 10 percent of you are not washing your hands at all.

So we did a little experiment.

We got 5 people from our building to help us out with a little experiment. Using Glo Germ and a black light, we demonstrated what people’s hands look like before and after they wash them and the different washing methods.

One volunteer only washed her hands for 10 seconds. Another, for the full recommended 20. A third did the “rinse and shake” that we have all seen before. The fourth used hand sanitizer.

We used the Glo Germ again to highlight where the bacteria was. The results are disgusting and eye-opening. Almost everyone’s hands except the person who washed for the full CDC-recommended 20 were still covered with germs.

Visual proof of the benefits of washing your hands correctly.

The National Center for Preparedness, Detection and Control of infectious diseases estimates 80 percent of communicable diseases are transferred by touch. They also estimate that some viruses and bacteria can live hours, even days, on tables, doorknobs even your telephones.

Data pix.

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