Are you registered to vote? Here’s how to check


INDIANAPOLIS – Do you know if you are registered to vote in Indiana? You have until Monday, October 5 if you plan to vote in the General Election.

There are ways you can make sure you are registered to vote.

“We encourage voters to make their voter plan before 10/4. Which is October 4, one day before the voting registration deadline,” said Marion County Clerk’s Office Deputy Director Russell Hollis.

He said every year some people show up to the polls and get turned away because they didn’t register to vote.

“If you have not participated in two consecutive federal elections then you are kicked off the voter registration rolls,” Hollis said.

You can call or check online to be sure. All voters are encouraged to decide how, when and where to vote.

If you qualify to vote by mail, Barbara Tully, the President of Indiana Vote by Mail said apply now.

“You have until October 22nd but please don’t wait until then because you won’t get it in time,” said Tully.

Patricia Bowren, 75, requested her mail-in ballot in August but hasn’t gotten it in the mail yet.

“My concern is people are not going to get their ballots in time, what do they do if they don’t get their ballots? Especially if you are afraid to go to the polls,” said Bowren.

Marion County started sending ballots in mid-September.

Hollis said – if you requested early and don’t get it by the end of next week — call the election board for guidance on what to do next.

If your ballot does come you should check to make sure it has two sets of initials on the back of the ballot.

“Because it’s not valid if there are not two sets of initials,” said Tully.

Sometimes they are missing so, if that is the case, you can contact your local election board or clerk’s office.

If you can’t mail back your ballot two weeks before Election Day, it’s recommended you return it in person to make sure it makes it before the noon deadline. You don’t have to wait in line to do so.

Early in person voting starts on Tuesday, October 6. Click here to view locations.

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