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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — If you watch CBS4 or WTTK Channel 29 using an antenna, this important message is for you.

On Friday, October 18, you will need to rescan your TV so you don’t miss any of your favorite CBS shows, Indianapolis Colts games and CBS4 News.

It’s easy to do, and no new equipment is required:

  • Press “menu” on your remote control.
  • Select “set-up,” then “antenna.”
  • Select “channel scan” or “auto tune.”

Wait for your television to find the new station for CBS4 and you’re all set.

Here are a couple helpful links to guide you through the process:

For additional information and links to specific instructions from TV manufacturers, please refer to our guide to rescanning your TV.

The rescan is required by a federal change.

Nearly 1,000 TV stations across the country need to switch their frequencies due to an FCC auction that makes room for additional wireless service.

Once the rescan is complete, antenna users will still find CBS on channel 4.

This change does not affect those who use cable, satellite or streaming services to watch CBS4. If you fall in that group, no action is needed.

Please mark your calendars for this important date. You can rescan anytime after 10 a.m. on the 18th.

Share this information with friends and family — particularly senior citizens, people in rural areas, and those without reliable internet access — so no one is left in the dark.

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