Anderson police officers receive award for saving stabbing victim’s life


ANDERSON, Ind. — Three Anderson police officers are credited with saving a man’s life while responding to a call on the Fourth of July.

“I knew something was going on so I better get there as soon as I could,” said Brian Gehrke with the Anderson Police Department.

Several 911 calls came in from Meridian Street. Gehrke was the first on scene and quickly found a man who had been stabbed.

“I noticed he needed to be taken care of immediately,” said Gehrke.

Two other officers, Brandon Taylor and Caleb McKnight, showed up and started using a med kit from their patrol cars.

“I started to apply pressure with a shirt he was wearing. As I was applying pressure, I knew the bleeding wasn’t stopping,” said Gehrke.

The officers kept trying, telling the man to stay calm because help was on the way.

“Within a few minutes you could tell it was going downhill pretty quickly,” said McKnight.

The trauma surgeon at the hospital made it clear that the officers’ lifesaving efforts played a critical role in the victim’s survival.

“You respond to a lot of things, you do what you can to help,” said McKnight.

Combined, the officers have nearly three decades on the Anderson police force.  They’ve each received a Life Saving Award for the first time in their careers.

“We did what we were trained to do. That’s our job, it’s what we signed up for,” said McKnight.

Three months later, the officers still haven’t met the man they saved.  They want him to know they meant what they said that night.

“Told you we had your back,” said Taylor.

Anderson Police arrested Eric Troxell in the case. Troxell is facing several charges including battery, intimidation and criminal confinement.

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