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ANDERSON, Ind. (Dec. 11, 2015)—FBI officials confirm an Anderson Police Department officer was arrested on drug charges for allegedly selling drugs to an undercover FBI agent Thursday.

Donald Jordan, 52, was arrested at the police department Thursday afternoon following the incident.

Authorities say Jordan was caught selling drugs, including Hydrocodone and Xanax, to an undercover FBI agent.

Jordan faces two counts of dealing narcotics and possession with intent to distribute.

According to court documents, FBI officials began their investigation into Jordan’s alleged activity after receiving a tip from an informant in June.  The source told officials Jordan approached them to sell marijuana on his behalf.

Officials asked the informant to wear recording devices during their interactions with Jordan. In one instance on June 26, the informant reported Jordan gave them three Lortab/hydrocodone pills. After giving the pills, Officer Jordan then asked the informant to touch his genitals after exposing himself, according to court documents.

The source attempted to contact Jordan several times after that interaction, but was not successful.  Then, on Dec. 10, Officer Jordan’s official marked police vehicle was found parked outside a Ricker’s store in Anderson.  The informant and undercover agent arrived to the scene and entered the Ricker’s convenience store and engaged in conversation with Jordan.  The informant and undercover agent told Jordan they were looking for drugs for a party they would attend later that evening. The undercover agent told Jordan she did not trust police, in which Jordan reportedly replied he was a better criminal than a cop, read court documents.

After discussing a drug exchange, Jordan allegedly told the informant and undercover agent to meet him at a different location. During the meeting, Jordan, who was dressed in full uniform, gave them 15 Xanax pills, said the probable cause affidavit.

“It’s a sad day for law enforcement. It’s a sad day for the Anderson Police Department, if these allegations are true. For the citizens of Anderson, Madison County here, they have a very good police department. There are dedicated professionals who risk their lives every day in good servant-hood for this community,” said Chief Larry Crenshaw.

Jordan was held in the Marion County Jail in Indianapolis, but was released Friday and  is now on home detention with GPS monitoring.

He also made his initial appearance in federal court Friday and faces 15 years if convicted on both counts.

Chief Crenshaw is requesting that Jordan’s paid-leave go unpaid after the standard 5 day period.