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UPDATE (Nov. 20, 2018)– Jeramy Rhodus received a suspended sentence and will serve 36 months of probation.

Original story:

ANDERSON, Ind. – After a three year investigation and a six month long search, Anderson police have finally arrested Jeramy Rhodus. Police say the 36-year-old man was taking inappropriate pictures of children, teens and adults without their knowledge.

“The police were alerted by civilians in the library and that is what led to the child porn investigation being conducted by police,” said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings.

Police say they first learned about an incident inside of the Anderson Library back in 2013, when library workers told police that they found child pornography on a computer that Jeramy Rhodus had recently used. Officers found 32 illicit pictures and 60 videos of nude women and children on the computer and then found more videos on his personal cell phone and camera.

According to court documents not only did Rhodus use his cell phone to record video of porn sites, but he also reportedly used his camera to snap pictures of kids, teens and women inside of the library and other public places around the city, all without their knowledge.

“They were walking around or standing and he would zoom the camera into certain portions of their body that would appear to have a sexual component to them,” said Cummings.

The Indiana State Police Cyber Crimes Unit spent months analyzing the graphic photos. All that time, Rhodus was out on the streets, until this past weekend.

“He did not have an address and no one knew where he was. So, that was part of the reason that it took so long to locate him. He was at a local bar over the weekend, someone knew about the problem and called police…he was then arrested,” said Cummings.

Rhodus faces felony charges including child pornography and voyeurism. If convicted he will have to register as a sex offender, joining the 325 registered sex offenders living in Anderson right now.