ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson City official was arrested Wednesday for allegedly threatening an individual and pointing a firearm during an altercation at a BP gas station last week.

Officers with the Muncie Police Department were dispatched to the BP gas station located at 1927 Broadway Street after being advised by dispatch that a male had pointed a firearm at the caller.

According to court documents, officers were told by the victim that the suspect, Frederick Greg Spencer, pointed a firearm at him after he confronted Spencer about why he was trying to get into someone else’s vehicle.

Spencer serves as the president of the Anderson Plan Commission and is a member of the Anderson Board of Zoning Appeals.

The victim explained that he was inside the gas station when he observed Spencer, 53, enter his vehicle. The man left the store and went over to question Spencer about why he was sitting in a car that didn’t belong to him.

Spencer responded by allegedly telling the man that the car actually belonged to him and told the victim to “get away from him.”

Court documents go on to state that the victim continued to approach his vehicle as Spencer remained inside it and told Spencer that the car did not belong to him. The victim said he did this in a non-threatening way.

According to court records, Spencer proceeded to allegedly point a firearm at the victim’s head and said, “Back up or I will shoot you in the head, n*****.”

Officers were told that Spencer was holding the firearm by his waist as he stood between the door, which was open, and the vehicle.

The firearm was described as a .22 Caliber Revolver.

The victim turned around and went back inside the gas station as Spencer left the car, got inside his own vehicle and drove away.

Officers spoke with a witness at the scene whose information supported the narrative the victim had provided.

Spencer was soon apprehended by officers near the intersection of Lafayette Street and Webster Street.

The probable cause affidavit noted that Spencer’s eyes were “glossy and red,” and that he was struggling to remain standing without help.

A .22 Caliber Revolver was recovered from Spencer’s shorts during his arrest.

As officers transported Spencer back to the gas station, Spencer reportedly said he was “just exercising his constitutional rights.”

When asked about his summary of that evening’s events, Spencer allegedly told officers that no firearm was involved and that he apologized multiple times for entering a vehicle he thought he owned.

Spencer also told officers that there was no need to conduct field sobriety tests as he was drunk. He refused to allow officers to take a portable breath test and blood chemical test. A warrant had to be approved to take a sample of Spencer’s blood.

Court records state that officers reviewed the gas station’s surveillance footage. The footage showed Spencer walking towards the victim’s car. When the owner approached him, Spencer pointed a weapon and could be heard saying “Back up or I will shoot you in the head.”

Spencer was arrested and preliminarily charged with intimidation with a deadly weapon, pointing a firearm and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

David Eicks, chairman of the Anderson Board of Public Works, released a statement saying the city is looking into Spencer’s conduct:

The city is presently reviewing the evidence regarding the arrest of Mr. Spencer, including video from the gas station, bodycam footage from APD officers, and police investigatory reports. The footage is several hours long.  Pending our personnel investigation Mr. Spencer will not be allowed to return to work. Under our personnel policy we have 10 days to conduct the investigation and issue any appropriate discipline, but we expect to have concluded our review by mid next week.

David Eicks, chairman of the Anderson Board of Public Works