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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  – An original Pablo Picasso sketch was stolen from a home in Indy, along with a piece of Egyptian history.

It happened on Lockerbie Circle Drive. The thieves made off with the priceless Picasso portrait and an Egyptian figurine called a “faience ushabti”.

The family asked to remain anonymous, but a spokesperson for the victim’s family gave CBS4 details about the relic.

“It’s approximately 5,000 years old, but it would have been buried with a pharaoh, and it had the 15th Book of the Dead,” spokesman Robert G.R. Wise said.

According to police reports, the door was unlocked when law enforcement arrived.  Wise said the family’s personal code was used to disarm the alarm.

“So therefore we knew it had to be a trusted employee of the family because that’s not just a code that you give out,” Wise said, “It wasn’t like it was ransacked, they went after specific items.”

The police report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said neighbors caught a possible suspect on a home surveillance camera.  They told police it showed someone leave in a black vehicle.  Police are still investigating.