Today is expected to be a very active weather day. A couple lines of storms have been sliding through Illinois early Wednesday morning. Numerous severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings have already been issued this morning along these lines. These storms are moving east toward Indiana. Tornado and Severe T-storm watch boxes have been issued for a large portion of Illinois and the Severe T-storm box extends into northwestern Indiana. It is very possible we will see a watch box issued for central Indiana later on Wednesday morning or the afternoon.

As of 7:40 AM, the SPC has mentioned there is a 40% chance a watch box will be issued for much central Indiana. Meanwhile, there is a high likelihood they will issue a Tornado Watch for the northern 1/3rd of the state. This would include our northern counties.

Storms will come in waves and severe storms will be possible from sunrise on through the early evening. However, the timing in when the most likelihood of storms to be at their strongest has shifted a little earlier. While there is potential for severe storm threat from the large windy of 8 AM to 7 PM, the hours between 10 AM and 4 PM are looking more favorable to see storms with severe potential. Damaging winds will be our greatest threat but large hail and the chance for a few strong tornadoes are also in play.

Be sure to check back for updates throughout the day. Review your severe weather action plan now, and be sure to have multiple ways to receive warnings