Amusement rides at the Indiana State Fair pass final inspection by Department of Homeland Security


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Fair is officially just one day away, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is making sure all fair rides pass inspection.

“We are making sure that the rides are installed per the manufacturer’s instructions but also referring to old maintenance records because these rides have travelled to other shows across the country,” said Matthew Cronley with the Department of Homeland Security’s Amusement Ride Safety.

Despite traveling across the country, Cronley said each amusement ride is only required to have one annual inspection. Still, every year the Indiana Department of Homeland Security will give a majority of the rides another glance.

“We’re making sure anything that locks, or if it buckles or clips that those mechanisms are working to keep the riding public safe and secure on this ride,” said Cronley. “We’re also making sure that there’s nothing on the structure of the ride sticking out that’s going to cut you, poke you, be abrasive.”

Earlier this month, bystanders in Michigan had to jump in to stop a carnival ride from tipping over. Cronley said it is that exact moment of fear he is hoping to prevent at the Indiana State Fair.

“When anything happens like that we want to learn from those situations,” said Cronley. “We have paid very close attention to what happened with that incident and we are making sure that that won’t happen at the Indiana State Fair.”

If parents are still worried, they can look for one of two stickers located on each ride. Cronley said any ride with a 2021 inspection date on it has been checked by his crew. The second sticker has this phone number listed to report any potential dangers: 1-888-203-5020.

“So if you question any of the rides or the ride operator, don’t hesitate to give that number a call,” said Cronley. “It will contact our department and we’ll come out to investigate the issue.”

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