American Red Cross warns homeowners to check fire alarms ahead of seasonal changes


INDIANAPOLIS — It’s officially National Fire Prevention Week, and the American Red Cross continues to install free fire alarms across our area.

“People that don’t have a smoke detector, if they want a smoke detector, we don’t charge for those then,” explains Brice Johnson, Executive Director of the Central Indiana Region of the American Red Cross.

To date, the organization has installed 220 detectors around Indy this year.

Of the roughly 60,000 disasters the organization responds to every year, the majority are home fires.

When the weather gets colder, they see an uptick in fires by 27%. Generally people have around two minutes to safely escape a burning home. All too often homeowners neglect to check if their detectors are still working.

“It’s amazing when we do preparedness programs for kids, how often the kids will inform their parents about what they need to do at home,” adds Johnson.

A smoke detector typically has around a 10-year life span. After that, the American Red Cross suggests the device be switched out even if it is working properly.

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