Amendment to bill would alter the way Hoosiers change gender on IDs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Senate bill to move your driver’s license or state issued identification onto your cell phone has been amended to alter the way Hoosiers can change their gender identification.

An amendment to Senate Bill 182 endorsed by Rep. Holli Sullivan of Evansville Wednesday morning would restrict the documentation that would be submitted to the BMV by transgender applicants who want to change their gender or those who choose not to identify their gender.

Under current BMV policy, such applicants can submit an affidavit from a doctor or an amended birth certificate to have their gender changed or not declared on state ID.

“There are already hurdles and this is just adding additional hurdles to transgender people just trying to live their lives,” said Katie Blair, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for the ACLU of Indiana who said advocates for the LGBTQ community were not expecting the amendment to the bill. “I think this is based out of fear and people not understanding transgender folks and they are just trying to live their lives and they’re Hoosiers just like the rest of us and they deserve the same dignity the rest of us have.”

Sullivan said the amendment would restrict such gender change documentation to a birth certificate.

“Does that mean that any Hoosier that has a doctor’s order, notice, written note, all of those things, they can definitely take those to the health department and the court system to get their birth certificate changed which they’re probably going to do anyway and take that to the BMV.”

The bill now moves to the full House for debate.

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