Ambulance technology makes major strides

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 21, 2015)- National Emergency Medical Services week is underway.

This week of recognition gives communities across the country a chance to honor its first responders and also learn more about the profession.

The theme of this year’s EMS week is “EMS Strong.”

Ambulance technology used by EMS professionals has evolved quite a bit in the last 30-40 years, and so have the roles and responsibilities of a first responder.

The Wayne Township Fire Department showed CBS 4 News an ambulance built in 1969 recently.

One of the biggest differences between that model and ambulances on the road today is that the older model included ash trays inside the vehicle near where the patient’s head would rest.

There were fewer electronic monitoring devices in the older model ambulance as well.

Ambulances that are in service today are filled with monitors and devices that allow paramedics to actually provide medical treatment to patients while on the way to the hospital.

“I would say it makes me more efficient and much more proficient in what I do. I feel like I’m able to make more of an impact and see that impact happen on that patient,” said Ryan Ballard, a paramedic with the Wayne Township Fire Department.

First responders expect ambulance technology to continue to improve in the years to come.

Already, ultrasound machines are being installed in some emergency vehicles.

Local EMS professionals want to remind drivers to always pull over whenever they see an emergency vehicle on the road with its lights flashing.

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