Alexander Rossi reveals what he wouldn’t do for $1 million on ‘The Amazing Race’

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Each Wednesday, viewers can cheer on Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi—also known as Team IndyCar—as they crisscross the globe in hopes of winning one million dollars on The Amazing Race.

Our Rachel Bogle sat down with Rossi as he shared his biggest fears not only in the competition itself, but also in the dreaded reality TV editing process.

Rachel: Were you nervous about the whole editing process?

Rossi: Oh absolutely. First of all, I was concerned about it just because of how much content I knew they had. I didn’t think any of the content was bad. But when you have let’s say 11 hours of content and we’re on TV for 80 seconds, it’s like they can cut that however they want.

Rachel: What do you think was the biggest misconception people had about you before going on the show?

Rossi: Well, probably that I don’t have a personality. That would probably be the one.

Rachel: I think some people think you’re a little stuffy.

Rossi: That’s fair. But people also see me at a race track, when I’m at work. So when you go to their office—if they’re a lawyer—I doubt they are going to be laughing and joking all the time. And obviously guys have ten different ways of going about it. That’s just kind of how I was brought up through the European mentality of racing and motorsports.

Rachel: Was it hard having cameras follow every move? I’m sure you get that to a certain degree at the race track, but to really have them there for every move, how was that?

Rossi: It was not hard to have them there. It was a little weird in the beginning. Initially, you’d be very conscious of it and you’d watch what you say. But then they became with you. It’s not that you could say anything derogatory. It’s just that you’d say things you wouldn’t want on camera. Like, inappropriate right?

Rachel: You guys, inappropriate?

Rossi: Yeah, right? I was told by my publicist at Andretti, she was like, “I will kill you if you say anything that is remotely above PG.” And I was like “Ok.. *nervous look*”

Rachel: And you’re over there sweating.

Rossi: Well, that’s definitely going to happen, but you’ll never see it.

Rachel: Without giving anything away, did you conquer any fears on the show?

Rossi: Yes

Rachel: Something we’ve seen already or will see [on an upcoming episode]?

Rossi: Will see.

Rachel: So the whole zip-lining thing in Iceland wasn’t scary?

Rossi: Well no. I mean—no—what’s going to happen?

Rachel: Worst case scenario: you could die?

Rossi: Yeah, but it’s not like you are going to be able to do anything about that. If the harness that you’re in fails, you die. I mean, whatever. There’s no middle ground there; it’s either you’re alive or you’re dead so..

Rachel: And obviously you–

Rossi: We’re here. Thank goodness.

In this week’s Web Extra, Rossi gets candid about who he is off the racetrack and the one thing you may love to do on a regular basis, but he refuses to do—even if it would earn him $1 million.

Rachel: How would you describe “off-track” Alex?

Rossi: This is like a counseling session.

Rachel: I know. I really wanted to put you in the hot-seat.

Rossi: Let’s see. My sense of humor is pretty dry and some people get that and some people don’t. But it does exist. I guess it’s not as—for lack of a better word—flamboyant as say a James [Hinchcliffe] who can do out into pit lane and dance with his mechanics—like no.

Rachel: That’s never going to happen?

Rossi: Absolutely not.

Rachel: For a million dollars would it happen?

Rossi: Probably not!

Rachel: Really? You can’t be serious—one million dollars?

Rossi: Well, I don’t know. Ok, yes, I guess. It’s going to be tough though, like I’m not going to enjoy it at all type of thing.

Rachel: You’d enjoy it for one million dollars.

Rossi: Yeah, probably.

Tune in next Wednesday morning for another round of “Fast 4” questions with Alexander Rossi. Then, don’t forget to cheer on #TeamIndyCar on The Amazing Race Wednesdays at 8 p.m. right here on CBS4!

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