Alexander Rossi reveals ‘Amazing Race’ rule that could cost him and Conor Daly $1 million

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Each Wednesday, viewers can cheer on Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi—also known as Team IndyCar—as they crisscross the globe in hopes of winning one million dollars on The Amazing Race.

Our Rachel Bogle sat down with Rossi one-on-one as he shared some inside scoop on their biggest challenges behind the scenes.

Rachel: What was the biggest challenge for you throughout the whole process?

Rossi: Being with Conor for that amount of time. Not because of him personally… being with anyone in that close of an environment. Like, he was the only person—we were each other’s only people we could talk to. You had no connections to the outside world. There was no TV. There was no newspaper. There was nothing.

Rachel: As far as money and stipends [given by the show] at these locations and being able to pay for taxis and food—how does all that work?

Rossi: You’re given a set amount of money at the beginning of the leg which includes food. They want you to eat. They don’t want you to starve. But you don’t know what’s coming up… I went to Subway at one point and placed an order and when they rang it up, I didn’t take the sandwich because I couldn’t spend like eight bucks— like, didn’t even think about it. So yeah, it’s a very interesting kind of thought process that you have to get used to because we are fortunate enough to be able to just go to Subway and get what you want. That was something that was also a— you get a reality check.

Rachel: How much sleep did you actually get?

Rossi: None. None at all. Sleep was overrated. When we were at a pit stop, you could sleep. At one of the pit stops, there were excessive mosquitoes— it wasn’t great. So sleep— you got used to just not [getting any] and dealing with it.

Rachel: To run on adrenaline instead.

Rossi: Pretty much. And that was the thing—you’d show up to the start line exhausted—couldn’t keep your eyes open—but as soon as you’re tearing open a clue and we’re going somewhere, you weren’t tired anymore.

Rachel: And—this is awkward—but we all need bathroom breaks. So how did you handle that as far as not wanting to waste time that could give another team a lead?

Rossi: I think that there were times that [Conor and I] were both on Struggle Street and there was a need to take a leak. But also—we’re dudes—so it’s not that big of a deal.

Rachel: Are you saying that you got creative?

Rossi: Well, a couple times. Some cups were used.

In this week’s Web Extra, Rossi shared the one rule in his contract that could end up costing a team their spot in the race—through no fault of their own.

Rossi: We had to stop once, in Iceland actually, because our sound person was a girl. And in your contract with CBS, even though you’re in a race, your first priority is that your crew is of good health.

Rachel: Well that’s a good thing though, right?

Rossi: Right.. well.. not really. Because if someone had food poisoning and you’d have to wait for them. That’s not fair.

Rachel: Yeah, that would stink for you.

Rossi: That’s not fair… “Fair.” Life isn’t fair, but yeah, we had to stop once for her but it wasn’t a big deal.


Tune in next Wednesday morning for another round of “Fast 4” questions with Alexander Rossi. And don’t forget to cheer on #TeamIndyCar on The Amazing Race on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. right here on CBS4!

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