INDIANAPOLIS – This holiday season, a local nonprofit is working to bring the Christmas experience to everyone who needs it.

So far this year, Church 52 has had an overwhelming response. They need your help to ensure they can help all of these families.

As a mother, Ashley Dobbs feels it’s important to give her children a special Christmas.

“I can’t even describe how it feels,” she said.

When she wasn’t able to, Church 52’s Christmas Experience was there to support her.

“She was like, ‘Hi, Ashley can you meet me at the church?’ I went around back, and she opened my trunk and bags and boxes worth of toys,” said Dobbs.

That act of kindness is one Dobbs will never forget.

“I was able to wrap the presents and see what they were getting,” she said, “It just made me feel whole seeing my kids open presents at home. It was a blessing.”

The Christmas Experience allows parents who apply and are approved to shop for new toys, clothes, winter coats and more.

The nonprofit sets up like a store. This year, volunteers plan to support 1,000 families in need this season.

“Basically, we’re tripling, quadrupling the size of our Christmas Experience that we’ve done in past years. That means that we need the community exponentially more than we’ve ever had,” said Kathleen Harvey, a hostess and volunteer for the experience.

While they’ll take any help they can get, financial donations are the primary need. Harvey has seen firsthand the impact a dollar can have.

“Whether your donation is a dollar, $500 or $10,000,” said Harvey, “we will use every piece that is given, and it goes all to the family.”

Money can also help offer resources to the families they serve, like free haircuts and family photos.

The Christmas Experience has become a life-changing experience for Dobbs. And she hopes people remember what this season is all about.

“Giving is something inside of you, it’s not something you need praise for,” said Dobbs, “It just makes you feel good to help the kids.”

The Christmas Experience is approaching quickly. The shopping event is Dec. 11. If you would like to help and send a donation to The Christmas Experience, click here.