After months of delays, Scaffolding being removed from Indiana War Memorial

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- After more than a year of construction and months of delays, the scaffolding around the Indiana War Memorial is finally coming down.

This week crews began the process of removing the yellow scaffolding surrounding the downtown monument, exposing the beauty underneath.

“We’re delighted to finally be able to see this gorgeous building,” said downtown resident Cindy Voigtmann.

The scaffolding has been in place since the summer of 2018. Depending on the weather, the removal of the scaffolding could take a few weeks.

“What we’re looking at right now is probably the end of the month,” said the Executive Director of the Indiana War Memorial J. Stewart Goodwin. “We’ve had several delays, this was supposed to be done in April of last year.”

The project was to fix leaks found in the granite roof. Once the project started, more damage was found. Adding close to 10 months of work, and $700,000 of the total cost. Goodwin says the original cost was supposed to be $2.2 million of taxpayer money, but the final number is looking to be closer to $2.9 million.

“What happened was under the exploratory phase of this, there were some places that we didn’t get a chance to look at that we later found were leaks,” Goodwin said.

The scaffolding didn’t close off the museum, but it did close off the south steps. The steps are a popular workout spot for runners, who will hopefully be able to run the stairs by next month.

“We see the end is near, and I think that we’re real happy with the way it went,” Goodwin said.

With the roof finally repaired, construction will soon move inside the building to the Shrine Room where the leaks caused damage. There’s no set time frame on when that construction will occur.

“It’s a budget situation,” Goodwin said of the next phase of the project. “We don’t have an estimate on it, but we have budget cycles and we have 25 acres of property that we have to take care of.”

For now, those walking by will finally be able to see one of downtown Indy’s historical landmarks, scaffolding free.

“I’m just really looking forward to the final days of this coming down and finally able to see the monument,” Voigtmann said.

“It’s an amazing building,” Goodwin said. “There’s a 3,500 square foot museum here, there’s just some amazing things to see.” 

The Indiana War Memorial is open 9:00 am- 5:00 pm Wednesday- Sunday.

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