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INDIANAPOLIS — Jamila Spaulding said she was back in her office counting up the night’s receipts and getting ready to pay out her employees early Sunday morning when IMPD officers arrived at Mimi’s Lounge & Events Center in the 1100 block of Arlington Avenue to investigate a report of shots fired.

What they found, said Spaulding, was one of her customers shot to death in the parking lot of a nearby hardware store.

“One of my security came in and he said he saw a car speed up to the local business next to us called Ace,” Spaulding said. “When the car sped off he saw a body laying down on the parking lot.”

Spaulding said she thinks the customer was in her bar right up until closing time about a half hour before the shots were heard.

“We found out that the victim was in the club but the shooter was sitting outside in the car,” she said. “There was an off-duty officer that actually went to the car and told him he had to move.”

Spaulding said she hires private security and off-duty officers to keep the peace inside her club which has surveillance cameras inside and out and a metal detector at the front door which is followed by a pat down by employees in order to keep weapons out.

“Saturday night was probably one of the best nights we’ve had since we opened,” she said, “no problems, no arguments, a really cool vibe.”

Last month IMPD officers responded to Mimi’s on a report of shots fired to find a large fight and so Spaulding expects a follow up visit this week.

“Excise just actually talked to me about the wrong thing, they had said there was a shooting two weeks ago, which there wasn’t, but they still had to come out and talk to me about it so I do know that they’re definitely gonna come back for this one.”

Spaulding said she is willing to pay for security in the parking lot if that’s the price to keep authorities from challenging her liquor license.

With five killings since Friday afternoon, IMPD has investigated 88 homicides so far this year, a 32% increase over the total of 67 homicides on this date a year ago when Indianapolis was on its way to setting a new annual record for murder.