The three week long dry spell for central Indiana will soon end as a couple rounds of showers are expected Wednesday. The first wave of rain will come during the morning hours. There will be a break in the rain for several hours on Wednesday as the sun comes out in the afternoon. This will help destabilize the atmosphere and lead to the potential for gusty winds and stronger storms in the second round. That round of rain will move through the state ahead of a cold front that will pass Wednesday evening. Up to a half-inch of rain will be likely.

Wednesday will be a warm, humid day with high temperatures in the mid-80s. The passing of the cold front on Wednesday evening will mark the transition into a much cooler pattern as we close out the week and head into the weekend with temperatures that will only rise into the upper 70s.

Wet weekends have been common this year, but central Indiana has been dry for the past three weeks.

Rain is likely Wednesday morning and again in the afternoon.

Wednesday will be a windy, warm, wet day.

Expect a cloudy, cool Thursday with a few scattered showers.

After a warm start to September, temperatures will cool down this week.