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INDIANAPOLIS — After a report from a regulatory warned about the risk of the power grid disruption, the Indiana branch of AES announced they are joining an initiative to address energy system resilience.

On Monday, AES Indiana announced it joined the Climate Resilience and Adaption initiative (READi). This initiative gets thought leaders in the room with industry stakeholders to address challenges.

The initiative is focused on addressing energy system climate resilience and adaptation. The Electric Power Research Insitute launched the initiative as extreme weather events continue to increase.

A recent North American Electric Reliability Corporation report found system operators are more likely to need operating mitigations to get through peak summer conditions. This may include rolling blackouts in more extreme temperatures to maintain system reliability.

AES Indiana is proud to join Climate READi in its work to proactively strengthen grid resilience against potential climate and weather impacts, now and in the future. Together, with the other companies that have joined the initiative, we are showing how customized energy solutions and innovative thinking can help organizations of all kinds decarbonize their operations and the grid.

Kristina Lund, President and CEO, AES US Utilities

The company said it is investing $1.2 billion to modernize its electric grid to meet rapidly-changing energy needs. This includes upgrading and replacing aging equipment, hardware and other assets. The company is also investing in new technology, equipment and systems.

AES provided examples of the new technology in a news release. The investments include a self-healing electric grid and “smart” meters along with technology that automatically indicates when the power is out and informs the estimated time of restoration during outages.

AES is one of 17 companies that have joined the initiative to date.