INDIANAPOLIS — AES customers are speaking out about new safety concerns. This comes at a time when the company is looking to increase rates.

One customer told FOX59/CBS4 News that his power lines were damaged in a recent storm. He says they were fried after sparks flew from the power lines for several hours.

Luckily, there was not a fire or any damage to the homes in this area, but he worries that this could be a likely problem in the future. 

“This is probably a 50-year-old line and a project may come along eventually, but [until then] they won’t replace it unless a storm comes and knocks it down or something severe, so I basically have to wait for a fried line to fall,” said Jeff Frownfelter, an AES customer. “In my mind, it should be dealt with when the line is down so it doesn’t go all down.”

Concerns like this one have been growing recently among AES customers.

Another AES customer, Tim Delong, says he is worried about a fire hazard with his transformer as it has recently been buzzing and smoking. But he was told it can’t be fixed for another two months. 

“I’ve been in the township for 59 years as a Marion County and Pike Township resident and I have always dealt with all of the utilities. I never had any problems. All of a sudden we are starting to have problems with AES,” Delong said.

The problem these two homeowners have is not that the company isn’t providing their services as promised, but how and when they will provide them.

They say they want to see these problems fixed before it’s too late.

“My concern is basically the safety of my family and that this is a possible fire hazard,” Delong said.

Going forward, homeowners like Frownfelter and Delong say they hope more people will speak up and something will be done in a timely manner.

AES sent a statement in response to the concerns. It reads in part: 

“We always identify potential risks to our people, contractors, customers, partners, and communities and work quickly and safely on a resolution. AES Indiana people, including our field workers and contractors, are committed to the safety of our customers.”