Accused thief leads IMPD on high speed chase 3 times in the last 2 months

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  An Indianapolis man is behind bars after leading police on a high speed pursuit for the third time in two months.

The bust is re-igniting complaints about the court rules in Marion County that allows some accused criminals to be released from jail without having a judge review the case first.

Amidst snow flurries Thursday night, police chased down an accused thief who tried to escape capture. The police pursuit started after someone spotted the suspect breaking into cars around the Keystone Fashion Mall.

It turns out the man arrested, Donald Williams, has repeatedly been accused of the exact same crime.

In January on east Washington, Williams was allegedly seen breaking into cars. According to court records, police chased Williams for 12 miles, during which he rammed one police cruiser and eventually had to be tazed.

After posting a $500 cash bond four days later on Roosevelt Ave., an officer saw Williams driving erratically and tried to make a traffic stop, but again Williams fled and following a chase was arrested.

“It’s catch and release criminal justice, that is the problem,” said FOP President Rick Snyder.

Snyder believes rules that set automatic bond amounts for numerous felony charges including resisting law enforcement in Marion County courts is putting police officers in danger.

“Our police officers as these reports show are faithfully chasing down the bad guys and getting them locked up,” said Snyder. “But it’s the criminal justice system that is failing.  It truly is a revolving door.”

It turns out Williams history of fleeing police even goes back to last year, when prosecutors charged Williams with resisting law enforcement after he broke into cars near the Indianapolis Museum of Art after which he led police on his first of 4 police chases.

After being caught, Williams was put on probation following a plea agreement.

“Those who are responsible for dispensing justice are letting him right back out,” said Snyder.  “It’s the infrastructure of our criminal justice that is failing police and the community at large.”

For now, Williams remains behind bars in Marion County jail.  His next court date has not been set.

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