After a bright and beautiful weekend, much-needed rain is back in the forecast. November has been the driest month of the year and this fall has been the driest season of the year. Much of the central Indiana is running between 3″ and 6″ below average for the fall season.

Monday was a cool day with gusty winds and light rain developing in the afternoon. Rainfall will become more widespread this evening and may be heavy at times after midnight. Plan on wet roads for the Tuesday morning commute. Rain Tuesday will ease into the afternoon as this system pushes east. Overall rainfall totals from this system will be near 1/2″ in most spots across central Indiana but some isolated areas could see up to 1″.

Wednesday will be a dry, mostly cloudy day. Temperatures will be cooler but the weather will be great for holiday travel. Most of the nation will be quiet as well. The area seeing the most activity will be in the northeast with some states seeing snow. Thanksgiving Day in central Indiana will start with temperatures near freezing. Temperatures will be seasonally cool in the afternoon with sunny skies and highs in the 50s.

This has been a dry month and a dry season.

Rain will spread statewide overnight.

Heavy rain is likely Tuesday morning.

Tuesday will be a windy, cool day.

We’ll stay cool through Thanksgiving.