After a sunny, warm start to June, with two days of 90° heat, our weather pattern changed. A cold front moved across the state Saturday night and a cooler flow of air kept temperatures in 70s and low 80s Sunday. The milder weather will be with us through Monday with sunny skies and highs near 80°.

Another cold front will approach the state Tuesday. Clouds will increase during the day and temperatures will warm into the mid-80s. Scattered showers will develop Tuesday night through Wednesday morning as the front passes and cooler air will settle in behind the front. Humidity will stay low and temperatures will cool down. Expect sunny skies and highs near 80° for Thursday and Friday.

Abnormally dry soil conditions, the first stage of drought, are being reported statewide. The rainfall deficit for April, May and June now stands at more than four inches below average. Less than a tenth of an inch of rain is likely this week.

Monday will be a sunny, warm day with low humidity.

Showers will develop Tuesday night but not much rain is expected.

This has been a dry Spring and drought is intensifying across the state.

Temperatures will stay warm this week.