After an eight-day streak of below average temperatures, Indianapolis warmed above average wit high temperatures in the 80s Wednesday afternoon. This is the beginning of an 80° stretch that will extend into next week.

We need the rain but there isn’t much of it in the forecast. Indianapolis has only received .26″ of rainfall since August 15th and that 37-day stretch is the longest dry spell for the city since 2020. Abnormally Dry soil conditions, the first stage of drought, are again spreading across the state. For the month of September, Indianapolis is nearly 2″ short of the rainfall we typically see by this time in the month. A few spotty showers are possible on Thursday but the raindrops will be far and few between. The best best chances for rain will be over western Indiana, where up to a quarter-inch of rain is possible.

High pressure building over the eastern half of the nation will keep us dry through the weekend. Fall starts Saturday morning at 2:05am and the new season will start with a summer-like feeling. Our next best chance for rain does not come until early next week, so farmers will be able to continue to make progress during harvest season. Meanwhile, the rest of us will need to water our lawns and plants.

This has been the longest dry spell for Indianapolis since 2020.

A few spotty showers are possible Thursday.

Thursday will be a warm day with the best chance for rain west of I-70.

Expect high temperatures in the 80s through the weekend.

Fall begins this weekend.