Central Indiana will have great weather for the holiday weekend. We will have sunny skies, the humidity remains low, and temperatures will be comfortable. After a beautiful Saturday , we turn a little cloudier for race day, Sunday, but it still looks great. The low-pressure system that we’ve been talking about all week that could bring us a couple spotty showers should stay to our southeast so that we will stay dry. Should this track farther north, the chance for rain still looks slim. The air mass in place is very dry so any rain that does develop will have a hard time reaching the surface before it evaporates. An isolated, light shower can’t be completely ruled out but it won’t ruin any race day plans.

The Indianapolis 500 has been postponed by rain rain five times, and shortened by rain seven times. The wettest race day was in 2004, when 3.80″ of rain fell. That was also the year we had 23 tornadoes on race day, including one, six miles from the Speedway. The average high temperature for the race is 78°. The warmest race day was in 1937 with a high of 92°. The coldest race day was a high of 58° in 1992, the year Roberto Guerrero spun out on the parade lap.

Memorial Day will be sunny and warmer. That warming trend will continue and by the middle week high temperatures will be near 90° on the last day of May (Wednesday). Our rainfall for May is almost two inches below average and our next best chance for rain will come in the form of scattered thunderstorms, Thursday and Friday.

Wet weekend have been common this year but May has been a dry month.

Here’s a look at race day climatology.

We’ll have a few more clouds for the race on Sunday.

Expect a warm temperatures and low humidity this weekend.