Our warming trend continues and we’re really going to be feeling it this afternoon. This will be the beginning of an 80° stretch that extends into next week. Plan on a mix of sun and clouds for your Wednesday with temperatures that rise to the low and mid 80s. The Indianapolis Indians are in their last homestand of the season. They have an afternoon game at Victory Field today and the weather will be perfect for it.

We need the rain but there isn’t much of it in the forecast. Since August 15th, Indianapolis has only recorded 0.26″ of rainfall. This is the second driest on record for these dates, which spans 37 days, including today. For the month of September, Indianapolis is nearly 2″ short of the rainfall we typically see by this time in the month. Abnormally Dry conditions have returned to much of central Indiana and these conditions are expected to worsen when the new Drought Monitor is released on Thursday.

A few spotty showers are possible on Thursday but these rain drops will be far and few between, with the best chances over far western Indiana.

The big focus over the next 7 days is the warmth. Daily high temperatures will be running above average on into next week. Autumn begins at 2:05 AM Saturday, but we’ll remain feeling like summer.