It’s a quiet and cold start the week. Temperatures have dropped to the teens early Monday morning. Fortunately, the winds have eased and the wind chill isn’t quite as harsh as it’s been recently. You can plan on a calm day with increasing clouds, light winds and temperatures peaking in the mid 30s. In fact, the next couple days will be similar. Monday through Wednesday this week are great days for any plans that may take you around town, like seeing holiday lights or finishing the rest of your shopping ahead of Christmas.

We are still set to be impacted by a winter storm late in the week. While there is a fair amount of uncertainty in snow totals and the track of this storm, we do know for certain that it will be dangerously cold, we will see accumulating snow and it will be windy. All of this will combine for safety concerns. Friday is looking to be a potentially hazardous travel day and the worst of this storm system. Winds could be gusting up to 50 mph, snow will create slick conditions and arctic air will be flooding the state. If you have the ability to move your travel plans away from Friday, that is recommended.

Wind chill temperatures Friday through Christmas will be in the range of 20° to 30° BELOW zero. These are dangerous levels. Be sure to limit your exposure to the cold and remember your pets. They cannot stay outside in these temperatures.

Light snow showers will likely continue into Christmas Eve and then come to an end by the evening. Christmas will be very cold but no new snow accumulation is expected. The blast of bitter cold air is set to last for a while and temperatures likely won’t be back above freezing until the middle of next week.