A new weather pattern will develop over the weekend as a low pressure area will bring clouds and rain and thunderstorms, Saturday. The powerful winds of the jet stream are responsible for pushing weather patterns around the world. Typically our weather systems they move from west to east in a steady fashion. Every so often a low pressure system will become stalled. We’ll deal with this scenario this weekend. This closed low will take several days to move across the region so we’ll have a daily chance for rain starting Saturday.

Scattered storms will develop Saturday afternoon and rain will become more widespread Sunday. High temperatures will be in the 80s this weekend. The wet weather pattern will continue through most of next week with a chance of rain each day through Tuesday. 1-2″ of rain is likely over the four-day span. The daily rains will keep temperatures cooler. Highs will be in the 70s next week.

September has been a dry month but a neat weather pattern will bring rain this weekend.

Be on the lookout for lightning at college games this weekend.

Scattered storms will develop Saturday afternoon.

Saturday will be a warm, muggy day.

Rain will be more widespread Sunday.

Rain will keep temperatures in the 70s Sunday.

Rain will continue Sunday night.

Up to an inch and a half of rain is likely this weekend.