It’s Carb Day and overall fantastic for your Friday. We’re starting off the morning on the chilly side with temperatures in the 40s across central Indiana. We will warmup very nicely into the afternoon with temperatures peaking in the mid 70s which is average for this time of year.

We stay quiet and clear through the evening, making it great for any of your Friday night plans.

The holiday weekend

We can’t ask for better weather for the holiday weekend. Humidity remains low, we will keep a fair amount of sunshine in the area and temperatures will be comfortable. We see a few clouds thrown our way by Saturday afternoon but temperatures make it to the upper 70s and we remain dry.

We turn a little cloudier for race day, Sunday, but it’s still looking great. The low-pressure system that we’ve been talking about all week that may bring us a couple spotty showers still looks to hand for enough to our southeast that we will remain dry. Should this track farther north, the chance for rain still looks slim. The air mass in place is very dry so any rain that does develop will have a hard time reaching the surface before it evaporates. An isolated, light shower can’t be completely ruled out but it won’t ruin any plans.

Memorial Day is dry and warm! Not a bad pool day and your barbecues are a go. We heat up into next week with temperatures flirting with 90° on the last day of May (Wednesday).