It’s another cool start to our morning in central Indiana as some locations have dropped to the lower 50s and upper 40s. While you may want long sleeves while you’re outside during the early morning hours, you won’t need them in the afternoon. It will be a mild close to the work week. Temperatures Friday afternoon will climb to the upper 70s.

Wildfire smoke is back

Sunny skies will prevail through Friday but the sunshine may be more muted do to the return of wildfire smoke overhead. Hazy sunshine will continue on into the weekend. Fortunately, for central Indiana, the heaviest of this round of smoke will be more highly concentrated to northern Indiana and Michigan.

A cool Friday night

High school football is back and it’s going to be a great night for it. Skies will remain mostly clear. However, take a sweater with you if you’ll be in the stands or out late tonight. Temperatures in the late evening will start dropping to the 60s.

A temperature turnaround

A temperature turnaround begins this weekend. After a cool start to Saturday morning, we’ll be back into the 80s during the afternoon. The jet stream retreats north and more heat will flood the region. Excessive Heat Watches have already been issued nearby. Those have been issued from central Kansas to central Illinois. Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings are in place over Texas, an area that has been dealing with a lot of heat over this summer.

Indianapolis has seen two days this year reach 91°. We have multiple chances to beat that over the course of next week. Not only will the temperatures be surging but the humidity will also be on the rise. Dew point temperatures in the 70s next week will lead to heat indices well above 100° at times.