We’re feeling more like fall on this Tuesday morning. It may be August 15th but our high temperatures are going to be more consistent of what we would see closer to September 24th, where the average high temperature is 75°. It will be a mostly cloudy and breezy day with temperatures in the low to mid 70s this afternoon.

A few spotty to widely scattered showers will be possibly through the afternoon and evening as an area of low pressure to our north pulls away. Rain wrapping around the backside of that system will provide the rain chances through the day but there will be a lot of dry time too.

If you suffer from allergies and are going to be out and enjoying the fall-like feel Tuesday, know that weed pollen has been elevated to high levels. Ragweed, nettle and chenopods are the top allergens in our area right now.

Clouds clear tonight and temperatures will turn quite cool. The lack of cloud cover, allowing more heat to escape from the surface overnight, combined with the cooler airflow will send temperatures to the mid 50s early Wednesday. If we hit our forecast low of 56° for Indianapolis, that will be the coolest morning we’ve had since June 17th.

Wednesday will be fantastic for the Indiana State Fair reopening for its last week. We’ll have a lot of sunshine tomorrow with temperatures near 80° in the afternoon. We flip the switch back to summer by the weekend as temperatures will be climbing to the mid and upper 80s, and low 90s. We’re in for a hot week next week as an extended stretch of 90s is looking favorable.