Rain soaked central Indiana Monday night through Tuesday. Up to a half-inch of rain left roads wet, and gusty winds brought more leaves down. Those wet leaves will make it more slippery on the roads as we’ll stay cloudy with a few sprinkles and some patchy fog tonight.

Wednesday won’t be as windy but temperatures will turn much colder. Temperatures will start in the upper 30s and high temperatures will only rise into the mid 40s in the afternoon. Thanksgiving looks great! While it will be a cold start with temperatures near freezing, we’ll have plenty of sunshine through the day with high temperatures in the low 50s in the afternoon. We’ll have temperatures in the 40s and few clouds around for shoppers on Friday and Saturday.

As of this writing, with .72″ of precipitation this month, this is the fourth driest November on record. This month has been the driest month of the year and this Fall has been the driest season of the year. After a dry start to the weekend, we’ll have a few sprinkles and flurries around for Sunday.

We’ll have mostly cloudy skies Wednesday.

Wednesday will be a breezy, cool day.

November has been an historically dry, month.

November has been a mild month and we’ll stay cool through the end of the week.

This has been a mild, dry fall and a few county burn bans continue over the southern third of the state.