We have a fantastic forecast in store for this week. Temperatures will be warm, humidity remains low and we remain dry. Take the sunglasses and sunblock with you heading out Monday morning. Temperatures in the afternoon will peak near 80°. The UV Index is at an 8 today, meaning you can get a sunburn within 20 minutes if you don’t have any protection on your skin.

This is a great evening to spend outside. If you’re thinking about firing up the grill for dinner, you’re good to go. It will still be rather warm early in the evening with temperatures near 80°, and then very comfortable for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday will be a near repeat of Monday’s forecast, just a little warmer in the afternoon.

A cold front passing on Wednesday will knock temperatures down for a couple days, but we remain very comfortable. As we get into race weekend, the forecast is in good shape. We are watching a system that will bring rain to the Mid-Atlantic region. A little shift in the track of this system could send showers our way, but at this time, we are looking at a dry race on Sunday.