Deadly weekend in Indianapolis claims 5 lives in less than 48 hours


INDIANAPOLIS — Five people are dead following a violent weekend.  The killings took place in less than 48 hours Saturday and Sunday.

The deadly shootings spanned the width of the city, from downtown to the west and east sides.

The violent shootings have left some residents wondering once again what city leaders are doing to keep them safe.

Just after sunset Sunday night, in the 4100 block of E. 35th Street, a man and woman were found shot to death inside a car, which came to a stop after it crashed into a tree.

“I came home last night and there were two dead people in that car and it’s very unnerving,” said neighbor Mike Hamilton.

Hamilton lives across the street and didn’t know what led up to the killing, but detectives believe the motive may have been some kind of a robbery.

“You know I’ve been in this neighborhood for most of my life and couldn’t imagine it would get so violent around here,” said Hamilton.

Just 90 minutes later, police were called to East New York Street near Sherman and found 30-year-old Peter Carr shot near an alley.  Carr died after being taken to the hospital.

Earlier Sunday, around three in the morning, a fourth person was killed sitting outside the Living Room Lounge on North Pennsylvania in downtown Indy.

That victim, 56-year-old Jeffrey Whitsey, was sitting on the back patio when witnesses say a man walked up unprovoked and shot him multiple times before running away.

Finally, on Saturday morning, 24-year-old Kane Baca was killed after being shot in the parking lot of an apartment building on Coquina Key Drive on the west side.

“It’s very, very strange how violent things are right before our eyes,” said Hamilton.   “It’s very unnerving.  You know people have no respect for life anymore.”

Those killings brought the number of homicides this year to 159 in just over 7 months this year, but the fact is Indianapolis is not the only city struggling to prevent deadly violence.

“Murder and homicide is up across the whole nation, so it’s not just Indianapolis.  We see it every day in our city, but the whole nation is experiencing the exact same thing,” said Hamilton.

Anyone with information on those cases can still contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS or IMPD’s Homicide Office.

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