The summer-like warmth is holding on for a couple more days. Temperatures will climb back into the mid and upper 80s Tuesday afternoon. These temperatures are more typical for mid to late August rather than early October.

This is the time of year our average high temperatures are falling quickly. October ties for the second fastest month to cool, annually. By the end of the month, the average high temperature is 59°. By the end of THIS WEEK, we will have temperatures in that range.

Our weather pattern is set to change as a cold front moves through Thursday and a cooler flow will continue into the weekend. This front will bring us much needed rainfall as most of the state is currently in a moderate drought.

Get the heavier jackets/coats ready as temperatures both Saturday and Sunday morning will fall to the upper 30s and lower 40s. We’ll have a few showers around the area Saturday while Sunday stays dry. If you’re tailgating for the Colts game again this week, prepared for a completely different feel from where we were ahead of the Colts game last week. Temperatures will be much cooler.