It’s a return to a more seasonal feel after we were near record high temperatures on Wednesday. Many locations hit 80° Wednesday afternoon, while Indianapolis came in with a high temperature of 78°. The record for yesterday is held at 79° set back in 2020. A cold front has swept the state and breezy northwest winds are streaming in a cooler air mass. Temperatures are still fairly mild for the morning hours this time of year, as temperatures are ranging from the mid 40s to mid 50s this early Thursday. Clouds will decrease into the afternoon but northwest winds will make it hard for temperatures to rebound. Expect high temperatures to peak in the upper 50s.

The Pacers take on the Milwaukee Bucks this evening at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. We will turn cloudier for the evening but we remain dry, winds ease and temperatures will be slowly falling through the 40s.

This more seasonal pattern holds on through the weekend with daily high temperatures in the 50s through Sunday. Our average high temperature for today is 55°. The 8-14 day outlook highly favors above average temperatures for Indiana going into the third week of November. We’ll be back above average even soon than that with highs in the 60s early next week.