Indianapolis saw the longest dry spell in three years come to an end Wednesday evening. From August 16th through September 26th only. 19″ of rain and Moderate Drought, the second stage of drought, quickly spread across the state.

An upper level low hung over Illinois and gave clouds and rain to most of Indiana day Wednesday, but Indianapolis stayed dry. That changed Wednesday evening. 1.05″ of rain fell between 7 and 8pm and the rain kept falling. By 10pm our daily total reached 1.42″, making Wednesday the wettest day since July 8th when 1.59″ of rain soaked the city. While we did have heavy rain, it was not close to the daily record. The record rainfall for the date is 2.59″ set in 1996.

That same area of low pressure sat over east central Indiana on Thursday. After a foggy start, clouds kept temperatures cool in the afternoon as we saw highs near 70°. We’ll have a few clouds around and that may affect viewing the full “Harvest” moon. This is another supermoon, meaning it will appear larger and brighter than normal. This is the 4th, and final supermoon of the year. The Harvest Supermoon will be officially full at 5:57 a.m. Friday morning.

Get ready for a warmup to start October on Sunday. A ridge building over the eastern half of the nation will give us sunny skies and will send temperatures well above average. Expect highs in the low to mid 80s as we head into the weekend and through next week.

September has been a very dry month and Moderate Drought has spread statewide.

Skies will stay cloudy overnight and that will affect viewing the full “Harvest” moon.

After a cloudy morning with dense fog, skies will clear Friday afternoon.

October will get off to a warm start.

October is forecast to be a warm, wet month.