INDIANAPOLIS — “This is a weapon. This is a literal weapon to somebody who’s got that crazed mind.”

Millie Parke stood before the Indiana House Courts and Criminal Code Committee to urge approval of Senate Bill 161, which would make it illegal to place a tracking device on another person or another person’s property without consent.

Parke was nearly killed due to the misuse of one of these devices.

As FOX59/CBS4 first reported last June, Parke fled Indianapolis trying to get away from her abusive, ex-boyfriend Ronnie McClure.

Parke recounted for the committee, “I stopped at this gas station to book a hotel… and… bam!”

Surveillance cameras caught a car driven my McClure slamming into passenger side of Parke’s car. McClure is then seen exiting his vehicle, running to Parke’s door where he forced himself inside punching and stabbing Parke. One stab wound punctured her heart.

“Based on a news story on Channel 59, I realized in fact she was tracked down because her ex had placed a remote tracker on her vehicle,” State Senator Michael Crider told the committee.

McClure was caught and convicted on multiple charges, but during his prosecution it was discovered that planting such devices is legal under current Indiana law.

During today’s hearing, Representative Mitch Gores demonstrated how easy it is to plant a small tracking device like an Apple Air Tag, “because I slipped it into Rep. Shackleford’s jacket a little bit ago. She didn’t know. Nobody knew.”

Shackleford dug into her pocket and showed the room the Air Tag Gore placed in her pocket.

At the end of the hearing, committee members voted 10-0 to move SB 161 to the floor of the House for possible approval.

Having already passed through the Indiana Senate, if the House approves then all that would be left would be the signature of Governor Eric Holcomb to make the legislation the law in Indiana.