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RICHMOND, Ind. – Just over three months later, Wayne County Emergency Communications released the 911 calls related to the school shooting at Dennis Intermediate.

Five 911 calls were released to the public. Three were from teachers. The other two were from the school’s principal and the shooter’s mother, Mary York. Those calls add up to just over 25 minutes.

Wayne County Emergency Communications also released around 40 minutes of police communications from that day.

Indiana State Police and local law enforcement said they were able to respond to the school so quickly because York made the initial 911 call to dispatch about her son, Brandon Clegg.

The police communications show how quickly officers were able to respond and stop the shooter.

Call from the shooter’s mother

In her 911 call, York said her son wanted to kill her boyfriend and “wants to shoot up the school.”

In an interview with CBS4 on Thursday, York said her son had no intentions of hurting people. She believes he went there to kill himself.

Later on in her call to 911, she told dispatch she thought Clegg had her boyfriend at gunpoint. In the first 30 seconds, she said her son and her boyfriend are “going towards the school.” She explained her son was threatening her boyfriend if he did not take him to the school and he was going to kill himself.

She said her son took at least five guns from a cabinet in their home. On Thursday, York said her son only took two guns. She said her boyfriend sold and traded his guns and she did not know he got rid of some of them.

When she called 911, York was not at home. She said she was coming back from work. She found out there was a problem at home when her boyfriend called her.

Five minutes into the 911 call, York told the dispatcher she thinks her son is heading to Dennis middle school.

Indiana State Police said her call saved other lives.

Call from principal

Dennis Intermediate’s principal Nicole VanDervort called 911. She told dispatch she saw someone with a gun going to the south stairway.

She told dispatchers what she was seeing as she watched the school surveillance video.

Police communications

Around minute five, you can hear police locating the suspect’s car at the middle school. An officer then said the teen was carrying a large duffel bag and had a gun out. He said the boy was trying to get into door 13 but could not get in.

Soon after, someone on the radio said “we’ve got shots fired” and the boy went into door 13.

Dispatch told all units the boy is in the south stairway. At one point, the dispatcher told police school staff can see the shooter pointing a gun at a classroom on one of the surveillance cameras.

Officers are able to corner him in a stairwell. Then, an officer said the teen was shooting at them.

From the first radio call made by dispatch, it sounds like everything ended in about 15 minutes.