A long streak of sunny days will continue for the Hoosier state for the next few days. The humidity lowers Friday into the weekend but the temperature heats up. Indianapolis will likely see its first 90° day tomorrow and we could string a few of them together through the weekend. There is no major chance for rain through early next week.

May was dry month for Indianapolis with 2.84″of rain, 1.91″ below average and abnormally dry conditions, the first stage of drought, have spread across 90% of the state. The 30-day forecast for June is predicting below average rainfall, and if that prediction holds, drought will worsen across the state.

May was also a mild month with temperatures slightly above average and the 30 day outlook for June expects the above average tend to continue. The month of June brings in very little change in the daylight department. We only gain 11 minutes of daylight, but our temperatures do heat up. The average high temperatures will rise from 78° on the 1st of the month to 85° on the 30th of the month.

Friday will be a sunny, hot day.

We will see several 90° days this week.

Check the backseat for kids and pets before you lock the door.

Drought is starting across Indiana and June is forecast to be a warm, dry month.