9 numbers that define Donald Trump

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Let’s face it: you already know all the basic info about Donald Trump. He’s a business magnate worth billions. He’s the star of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” And yes, he’s running for president.

So let’s put the simple facts aside and get to the good stuff — the details most people don’t know. At InsideGov, we scoured past Trump interviews, business records and campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission to pull out 9 facts sure to turn heads, raise eyebrows and drop jaws.

We love data, so we’ve stuck to raw numbers: every fact on this list is expressed in the form of a numeral. We also ordered the stats from least (3) to greatest (5.4 million) because, well, we’re geeks.

3 Spouses


[findthebest id=’7DysA47Cox7′ title=’Timeline of Donald Trump’s Relationships Over the Years’ width=’640′ height=’620′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/7DysA47Cox7′ link=’http://celebrities.prettyfamous.com/l/1630375/Donald-Trump’ link_text=’Timeline of Donald Trump’s Relationships Over the Years | PrettyFamous’]

Mr. Trump has had three wives, more than any other 2016 candidate. These women include Ivana (Czech-American athlete and fashion model), Marla Maples (television actress) and current spouse, Melania (jewelry designer and former model).

13th Place


[findthebest id=’2VGxMicHqNT’ title=’Donald Trump – Fundraising’ width=’600′ height=’600′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/2VGxMicHqNT’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/l/70/Donald-Trump#financials&s=1HWMiz’ link_text=’Donald Trump – Fundraising | InsideGov’]

Trump’s fundraising rank compared to all other 2016 candidates. Consider that Gov. Jeb Bush has raised 25 times as much money, and yet Trump continues to poll three times better than the Florida governor.

22.8 Percent


[findthebest id=’dV1GziKMzA1′ title=’Polling for Republican Candidates’ width=’600′ height=’640′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/dV1GziKMzA1′ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com’ link_text=’Polling for Republican Candidates | InsideGov’]

The lowest Trump has been in the national polls since August, based on the RealClearPolitics polling average. Other than Dr. Ben Carson, no other GOP candidate has come within five points of Trump, even at his lowest.



[findthebest id=’7JLUZZ4mqLH’ title=’Trump’ width=’500′ height=’450′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/7JLUZZ4mqLH’ link=’http://vodka.underthelabel.com/l/150/Trump’ link_text=’Trump | UnderTheLabel’]

The cost of Trump Vodka … if you can find it. The brand was discontinued in 2011 following poor sales.

42 Percent


[findthebest id=’iJ73MZCrzxP’ title=’Donald Trump – Donors’ width=’630′ height=’600′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/iJ73MZCrzxP’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/l/70/Donald-Trump#financials&s=1HWMiz’ link_text=’Donald Trump – Donors | InsideGov’]

The percentage of Trump campaign contributions coming from small donations (less than $200). Small donations are often a sign of grassroots support from everyday voters. Compare Trump’s figure to Bush’s 3 percent.

169x Wealthier


[findthebest id=’2f6lBtNjRnD’ title=’Donald Trump – Compare to Other Candidates’ width=’630′ height=’500′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/2f6lBtNjRnD’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com’ link_text=’Donald Trump – Compare to Other Candidates | InsideGov’]

… than the next wealthiest 2016 candidate, Carly Fiorina. Note that the estimates here are based on the candidates’ own claims.

371.6 Tweets


[findthebest id=’deruoulp09L’ title=’Trump Tweets By Month’ width=’600′ height=’400′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/deruoulp09L’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/l/70/Donald-Trump#media&s=1pMrYr’ link_text=’Trump Tweets By Month | InsideGov’]

Average number of Trump tweets per month. That’s a little more than 12 tweets per day — about three times as much as the average active Twitter user.



[findthebest id=’au6HHeHSIsJ’ title=’Who Trump Mentions on Twitter’ width=’600′ height=’400′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/au6HHeHSIsJ’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/l/70/Donald-Trump#media&s=1pMrYr’ link_text=’Who Trump Mentions on Twitter | InsideGov’]

The average number of new Twitter followers Trump gains in a month.

5.4 Million


[findthebest id=’ltrQuffXReR’ title=’Trump Twitter Stats’ width=’600′ height=’400′ url=’https://w.graphiq.com/w/ltrQuffXReR’ link=’http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/l/70/Donald-Trump#media&s=1pMrYr’ link_text=’Trump Twitter Stats | InsideGov’]

The approximate number of Twitter followers Trump will have by the end of 2015.

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