88-year-old woman attacked during violent home invasion in Shelby County

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SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — An 88-year-old woman attacked in a violent home invasion was able to scare off her intruder before he stole anything of value.

The elderly victim was repeatedly hit in her head, and she had to be taken to the hospital with several head injuries. Her arms and hands were bruised and her head was bandaged after the assault.

“I walked in, and my mom said, ‘Danny someone tried to kill me.’  That’s exactly what she said,” said the victim’s son Dan Haehl.

Haehl says his mom, who asked not to be identified, was sitting in her chair in the living room around midnight on Tuesday when the suspect snuck up from behind and attacked.

“He came up over top of her and started jabbing her in the head,” said Haehl.

The victim used a chair as a makeshift lock on the front door, but Haehl says his mom forgot to put the chair in place the night of the break-in.

The woman, who’s partially blind and hard of hearing, lives alone a few miles outside of Shelbyville. The attack is hard for her son to understand.

“You know I just can’t fathom even talking rudely to someone my mother’s age, let alone being so destructive,” said Haehl.

Despite having her face covered in blood, the woman kept her wits and tricked the suspect and scared him into running away.

“She reached over and she said ‘Where’s my gun?’ and the guy took off like a blue streak,” said Haehl.

Haehl says the suspect ran away from the home before he could steal anything of value.

“I mean there’s only one reason the person came into the house and that’s to harm my mother,” said Haehl.

Haehl mom needed 10 staples to her head. The family is now planning to get her front door lock fixed and they hope whoever broke into the house is quickly caught before anyone else gets hurt.

So far no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department at (317)398-6661 or (888)387-1444.

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