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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — There are a number of well known characters associated with WTTV/Channel 4, but one not only became an ambassador for the station, but attracted thousands of kids.

They all wanted to belong to Commander KC’s Kid’s Club.

Our Debby Knox tracked down Commander KC to find out about the role she played in the history of this station — and why it worked so well.

If you were an elementary school student in central Indiana in the 1990’s, and you watched cartoons on Channel 4, then no doubt you spotted the smiling face of Commander KC.

Commander KC in real life was Staci Edwards. She is Staci Meo now.

She took over the KC character from 1993 to 2001.

“I was actually the personality for the Kid’s Club, so I did educational commercials for kids during the cartoons. Every morning and every afternoon you watched the cartoons, you would see me on there doing commercials for Dairy Queen, Union Federal Savings Bank, Papa John’s, the Children’s Museum, Conner Prairie,” recalled Meo.

“One of the things that made the KC Commander character so memorable was the bright, red jacket she wore, with the gold fringe epaulettes. Tell me how that red jacket came to be,” said Knox.

“Actually, that was prior to me starting. So, Cindy wore that uniform, and they wanted to continue with that look because of Commander KC stood for Kids Club, so, commander of the Kids Club,” replied Meo.

Commander KC was not only on TV. She made 100 appearances at schools every year with Pacer mascot, Boomer, and her message was always the same.

“We would talk about recycling, we would talk about reading, we would talk about saying, ‘no,’ the importance of being in school,” said Meo.

Commander KC, or Staci Meo, is married with a son and works as a consultant.

The experience of being Commander KC is something she says she’ll never forget. She even won a Froggy Award from Warner Brothers for her work writing and starring in the spots.

But most of all, it was being with kids and sending a positive, wholesome message on WTTV/Channel4.

“Learning to be a good person, for the most part, being a good mentor for kids.”