68-year-old Indianapolis man jumps out third story window to evade apartment fire


INDIANAPOLIS — A 68-year-old Indianapolis man jumped from his third story apartment window to escape a grease fire on Tuesday, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Fire crews were called to the New Bridge Apartments on the city’s near northeast side at about 11:30 a.m.

IFD says an off-duty firefighter in the area ran to help when he saw the fire and witnessed the man jump out of the window. The firefighter called 911 and then tended to the man, who suffered a slight leg injury during the jump.

Besides the “brutal” heat, the fire department says their biggest issue was a fence that forced them to go all the way to the south end of the complex to get inside the fence and come all the way back to the north end of the complex to get to the fire.

During the roughly 30 minutes it took get the fire under control, “large amounts” of ammunition discharged inside burning apartment, IFD noted.

  • 68-year-old Indianapolis man jumps out third story window to evade apartment fire

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital with slight injuries after one hurt their shoulder and the other suffered “heat related injuries,” according to fire officials.

IFD says 10 units were affected by fire, smoke, water or structural damage, and six occupants — one child and five adults — were displaced. The fire department is working with the American Red Cross and apartment management for to find them shelter.


While on his way to the apartment fire, an IFD Battalion Chief was involved in a crash and taken to the hospital as a precaution with slight injuries.

IFD says he was headed eastbound on 25th Street when he was struck by another vehicle about two blocks from the scene of the fire. Witnesses told fire crews that a woman pulled to the right and stopped to allow the fire vehicle to pass. But for some unknown reason, as the IFD vehicle got closer, the driver made a sudden decision to make a sharp left turn, crossing directly into the IFD Battalion Chief’s path, the fire department says. 

The collision pushed the battalion chief’s vehicle into the opposing lane and up onto the grass. The woman was trapped in her vehicle with her driver’s side door taking the brunt of the impact. It took 15 minutes for her to be extricated from the vehicle, and she was taken to the hospital with a slight injury, according to IFD.

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