INDIANAPOLIS – Two people were killed, four others injured in four overnight shootings across Indianapolis.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, officers responded just before 10:30 p.m. to a reported shooting at a BP gas station at the intersection of E. 30th Street and North Arlington Avenue. Officers found a man who had been shot. He was taken to Eskenazi in critical condition. Police said he died early Sunday morning; the coroner’s office identified him as 27-year-old Kevan Anthony Akbar. Investigators said they located a car outside the gas station with its door open. Police said they found marijiuana and money inside. The shooting remains under investigation.

Fifteen minutes later, police responded a triple shooting on the near west side. According to IMPD, officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of Winfield Avenue. They found two men and a woman had been shot at the location. One of the men died Sunday morning; the coroner’s office identified him as 20-year-old Sebastion Taylor. The second man was grazed and treated on the scene. A woman was said to be in stable condition. According to investigators, the shooting possibly took place in front a residence where a party was taking place. Officers believe it was an isolated incident.

Then, just before 12:30 a.m. officers were called to Eskenazi Hospital for a walk-in person shot. Officers located a male, who was “awake and breathing” at the time. A police report stated the man was shot around midnight in the 3900 block of Biscayne Road on Indy’s far eastside.

Lastly, police were called to the 2100 block of North Arlington Avenue on Indy’s eastside. Officers located a man who had been shot. He was “awake and breathing” when we was transported to Eskenazi Hospital. According to investigators, the man and a woman were in the middle of an argument when another woman got involved. Police say woman intervened who got involved is the possible shooter in the case. They say she is a “person of interest” and is in police custody.

If anyone has information regarding any of the shootings. You are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.