5-year-old boy dies after being struck by vehicle in Anderson


ANDERSON, Ind. — A 5-year-old boy was struck and killed by a vehicle Monday in Anderson, according to the Anderson Police Department.

Officers were called to the crash around 2:20 p.m. in the 700 block of W. Vinyard Street.

Police say family members took the boy to a local hospital before officers arrived. The child died a short time later.

APD says preliminary details show that a vehicle was traveling westbound on Vineyard Street when the child was struck in the roadway. An investigation into this incident remains ongoing.

Anderson police say they are withholding the boy’s identity at this time “out of respect for the family and all parties involved.”

“The Anderson Police Department express our utmost condolences to the family involved,” APD said in a release.

Neighbors keep a close eye on Vinyard Street because they know tragedies like this can strike easily without adult supervision. 

“There was no time,” said neighbor Robert J. Reichard, who witnessed the fatal accident through his home surveillance system. “Today, I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, you never expect something like this.”

Reichard has lived along W. Vinyard Street his whole life. Monday was his nightmare. 

“There’s more cars on the road today, more traffic on the road today,” Reichard said. “It’s just, it’s devastating because I mean I see these kids play out there all the time and stuff, and you know the cars coming and going, crossing the street, back and forth, you know it’s just my fear. It’s gonna happen again.”

Another horrific crash occurred nearby more than a decade ago. Reichard says that crash prompted the city to build sidewalks on one side of the road. 

“I think 10 or 12 years ago maybe, a little girl got hit on, farther east here on the road, and they came and put them in,” Reichard said. “Cars just go too fast. I’d say probably they probably, on average, they probably all roll five miles an hour over, but you get some that’s running probably 50 in a 30 mile-per-hour zone.”

With grandchildren of his own that he frequently watches, Reichard wishes there was something he could have done to prevent the pain. 

“It was just, you know, I’m devastated because I got two boys, grandsons I watch and stuff, and we watch them all the time, and like the mother was across the street so I mean, she was there, right there with her children. What more could have she done?” Reichard said. “My heart goes out for them. Prayers for family and friends.”

Friends include his grandchildren, who quickly asked if their neighborhood pal would be okay. 

“That’s the first thing they asked me, and I couldn’t say. I didn’t know at the time,” Reichard said. “I know all this, it’s gonna be rough. And I know it’ll be rough on the boys, you know, just to go back and forth out there playing and riding their bikes and stuff. 

“My heart goes out to the family. It’s just, you know, unfortunately it happened.”

Witnesses told CBS4 the vehicle involved in the crash did return to the scene, which was closed to traffic for nearly two hours. 

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