$5.5 million project begins to resurface Binford Boulevard, improve intersections

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When you bring up Binford Boulevard to Indianapolis drivers, you’ll likely get the same response.

“I try and avoid it to be honest,” said driver Scott Huston. “You got to really be on the lookout for potholes.”

“The roads are terrible,” said driver Noelle Daniels. “There are lots of potholes.”

Despite that, thousands rely on this road every day.

“Binford is one of our key thoroughfares in Marion County,” said Indianapolis DPW spokesperson Ben Easley. “We see more than 40,000 vehicles on any given day.”

For that reason, DPW is making this road a priority. This week, work began on a $5.5 million project to improve intersections, walkways, and the resurfacing of roughly six miles of roadway

“The entire thing will be resurfaced on top,” Easley said. “So you’ll see that nice smooth surface all the way from 38th up to just south of 75th”

That work will happen in phases, including deep base repairs along the worst parts of the road.

“Wow that’s exciting!” Daniels said in response. “That’s super exciting.”

While drivers can expect some lane restrictions and backups, some say it’s worth it to get the roads fixed.

“Some big holes can really take out your tires,” said driver Zach Powers. “So it’s good to see they are resurfacing a lot of these roads.”

The resurfacing part of the project is expected to start late spring or early summer, and the entire project should be finished in November.

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